Since 1998, GCM has partnered with clients to deliver meaningful and sustainable value in software and design.

Our GCM team of experts build trust as we work with you through frequent, open and clear communication.  We focus on your best interests so that we can find solutions which you can afford and use with a powerful end result.

GCM Team

We are like a department right inside your business! Our GCM team of experts are here for you! We have cultivated a collaborative team who each bring their unique expertise to every project, ensuring that your vision is captured both in design and functionality.  

Each member of our team works cohesively together with each other and with you step by step. Working alongside with you every stage of your project and ensuring you are happy before moving to the next step. Open communication is key. We build trust through frequent, honest and clear communication. We want you to feel that we are just a “cubicle” away and you can connect directly with us.

Xavier Ramirez

founder, creative director

Jon Ruttan


Marnie Bach

Business Manager

Mahmud Antor


Jenson Yu

DevOps and Managed I.T.

Laura Ruttan

Product Architect

Andrea Belmont

Graphic Designer